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Video: The Entropy of "Alice In Wonderland"

Video explaining an entropy-based keyword extraction technique, using "Alice In Wonderland"

Here is the first of a new video series discussing NLP and Data Science.

It's discussing an entropy-based keyword extraction algorithm devised by Marcello Montemurro and Damian Zanette, for which I created the Gensim implementation. To illustrate it's use, I've analysed the text of Alice in Wonderland, in this Kaggle kernel.

I have more of these videos planned for the near future, and I am also planning a webinar series entitled Ask a Data Scientist. People will be able to send in data science questions, which I will answer with live coding examples. Subscribers will be able to take part in the live event, and the recording will be available on the channel afterwards. If you're interested in this, please get in touch.

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