Playful Technology Limited

AI Project Feasibility Assessments

The current level of publicity about Artificial Intelligence is giving many businesses ideas for Research and Development projects, but they are often unsure whether these projects are truly viable.

With over 20 years experience of R&D and data science projects, Playful Technology Limited is well placed to answer these questions. After a free initial consultation (use the form below to book) we offer the following services:

Initial Assessment

Our consultant will assess the client's ideas against the current state of the art in machine learning and report back to you on what is viable, what innovations would be required, and what the forseeable areas of uncertainty exist. This will give the client all the information they need to determine whether the proposed project is technically viable.

Fee: £2500 + VAT

Project Planning

If this initial assessment is favourable, out consultant can then devise a detailed project plan, showing what time and effort would be required to deliver the project, with costings. After that, the client will be able to make an informed decision on whether to proceed.

Fee: £2500 + VAT


Should the client approve the project plan, Playful Technology Limited will undertake the delivery of the project, in collaboration with the client's own staff, subcontracting any additional personnel required, and provisioning any necessary IT resources.

Fees: As agreed at the Project Planning stage.

If you would like Playful Technology Limited to assess the viability of a planned project, please contact us or use the form below to book a free initial consultation.