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Welcome to Playful Technology Limited, the data science consultancy of Dr Peter J Bleackley. Playful Technology Limited  enables innovation by providing Research and Development consulting services in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Our consultant will get a deep understanding of your problem and your data before finding the appropriate technology solution. This could be a computational linguistics pipeline to extract semantics from free text, a parser to extract structured data from large corpora of documents in different formats, an ETL system to prepare, cleanse, and ensure data protection for large volumes of semi-structured data, an automatic diagnostics system to identify faults in a sensor network, a system to identify the critical parts of online customer journeys in real-time, advice on technology tenders from third-party suppliers, or a feasibility study for a high-risk project. In all cases, we will chose the technology that works best for your problem, not simply what is currently fashionable. See our portfolio and our news pages for more details of our work. Solutions are delivered as clean, legible, maintainable code (usually in Python, but with other languages, particularly C++ or Javascript possible when necessary). We can advise on the use of a variety of databases, both relational and non-relational, in terms of suitabliity for a given project and best practice in use. We have recently started a Video Channel discussing Natural Language Processing and Data Science and will shortly be starting a webinar series, Ask A Data Scientist.

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