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Playful Technology Ltd

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science contacting services

Playful Technology Ltd

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science contracting services

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Welcome to Playful Technology Limited, the data science consultancy of Dr Peter J Bleackley. Playful Technology Limited  enables innovation by providing Research and Development consulting services in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Our consultant will get a deep understanding of your problem and your data before finding the appropriate technology solution. This could be a computational linguistics pipeline to extract semantics from free text, a parser to extract structured data from large corpora of documents in different formats, an ETL system to prepare, cleanse, and ensure data protection for large volumes of semi-structured data, an automatic diagnostics system to identify faults in a sensor network, a system to identify the critical parts of online customer journeys in real-time, advice on technology tenders from third-party suppliers, or a feasibility study for a high-risk project. In all cases, we will chose the technology that works best for your problem, not simply what is currently fashionable. See our portfolio and our news pages for more details of our work. Solutions are delivered as clean, legible, maintainable code (usually in Python, but with other languages, particularly C++ or Javascript possible when necessary). We can advise on the use of a variety of databases, both relational and non-relational, in terms of suitabliity for a given project and best practice in use. We have recently started a Video Channel discussing Natural Language Processing and Data Science and will shortly be starting a webinar series, Ask A Data Scientist.

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Site News
Site News
Computational Linguistics for Metafused
A natural language processing project
Investigating the Breast Cancer Proteome on Kaggle
Finding clusters of proteins activity in a sample of data from breast cancer patients and predicting clinical data.
A Hidden Markov Model Library
An open source Python library for HMMs.
Ontologies for Named Entity Recognition
Semantic relationships make an ontology useful for Named Entity Recognition
Neural Isn't Always Better
Neural networks don't match the performance of the Viterbi algorithm for Word Sense Disambiguation.
The Grammar of Truth and Lies
Using computational linguistics to detect fake news
Apple, Bias, Credit
The importance of understanding your data before using it to train a model.
Video: The Entropy of "Alice in Wonderland"
Video explaining an entropy-based keyword extraction technique, using "Alice In Wonderland".
Video: The Grammar of Truth and Lies
Using NLP to detect fake news
Video: Part of Speech Tagging
Three approaches to Part of Speech Tagging
Video: NLP vs Filter Bubbles
Using Topic Modelling and Sentiment Analysis to find common ground between people of differing opinions
Lobbying with data - how can data help businesses influence policy?
Webinar on how to influence with data science


Site Events
Site Events
Lobbying with data - how can data help businesses influence policy? Jul 02, 2020 from 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM Online,
Online discussion on the role of data science in policy making


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Playful Technology Limited

Company Logo of Playful Technology Limited
Playful Technology Limited
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Dr Peter J Bleackley
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science contractor. The Director of Playful Technology Limited
Image JPEG imageDr Peter J Bleackley
Dr Peter J Bleackley, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science contractor, Director of Playful Technology Limited


Projects that Playful Technology Limited has undertaken for previous clients
Amey Strategic Consulting
Automatic Diagnostics for the Strategic Road Network
Pentland Brands
Could 3D face scans be used to recommend swimming goggles?
Rolls Royce AI Hub
Extracting structured data from technical documents
All Street Research
Finding the most relevant paragraphs from corporate documents for given themes
True 212
Natural Language Processing for semantically enhanced content matching
Real time prediction of web form conversion
Social Finance
ETL and Data Cleansing for social services datasets

Ask A Data Scientist

Data science webinar series

Playful Technology Limited will soon be launching Ask A Data Scientist, a webinar series in which Dr Bleackley will answer data science questions with live coding demonstrations. Webinars will take place once a month on a Thursday evening and will be announced in our Events feed.. Subscribers will be able to participate in the live event, and recordings will be made available on our video channel afterwards.

Please if you are interested.